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"Kate lets me understand what stuff is going on.  When I do maths at school I don't always understand it but when I do it with Kate it seems easy.  That's exactly what I think."

Gaelle Cole, age 10


"To Kate,

I just wanted to say thank you for everything, I have learned so much and I was very confident about doing my maths exam.  The test itself was ACE!  I found it a challenge but do-able and fun, since you have taught me I have really enjoyed maths..."

Alice Ryan, GCSE student




"To Kate,

Thank you very much for teaching me to pass a subject that I was failing!  I really enjoyed my lessons with you!..."

Lucy Buckley, GCSE student


"Dear Kate,

Thank you for all you've done for Lucy - I never thought that she'd be enthusiastic about maths but she always looked forward to her lessons with you..."

Lucy's mum


"Hi Kate,

I got a B in my maths which I'm really happy with as I found the exams very hard!  Thankyou for helping me achieve this and bringing me up from a U!"

Bea Richardson, GCSE student


"Dear lovely Kate,

Thank you so much for your endless support and knowledge, you made maths actually enjoyable and i couldn't have got an A* without you...."

Ruby Kane, GCSE student


"Kate's help made an enormous difference to my ability to get on in my college course in Electrical Installations.  We had to go right back to basics with a few things and her patience was impressive!  I actually discovered a love for the maths once I realised I could could do it!"

James Elleray, electrician




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